About us/Our story

KWAT was created by a team of food experts with a passion for premium fast food. With Kebab with a twist, we took the delicious midnight snack and turned it into a culinary masterpiece. Because only the best is good enough for you. With us, you don’t eat a kebab, but a luxurious KWAT.

Come and enjoy the entire KWAT experience in our first location in Antwerp. Get enchanted by the great murals that tell the story of KWAT. The work of art with the wizard and a swirl of vegetables, fruit and meat that seem to form a kebab together stands for the ultimate experimentation with flavours and ingredients.

The unique experience of Kebab with a twist goes hand in hand with the use of all natural ingredients and ecological packaging. The pink colour of our Pink Shampi KWAT is created by using beetroot and the black colour of our Black Pepper Beef KWAT is created by using squid ink. Our beautiful packaging is the finishing touch to the entire experience. We use biodegradable plastic, wooden cutlery and for the surprise in our Kids Menu we consciously chose not to use plastic